Review: Shaun the Sheep


By Christian DiMartino

When Shaun the Sheep opened this summer, it never really had a shot at the box office, despite the fact that the critics loved it (it currently sits at a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes). I tried to see as many of the summer films as I could, and I wanted to see it. But I never got around to it, which is something I regret.

Shaun the Sheep is one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had all year. Maybe had its source material been a hit in the US, then Shaun the Sheep would have been a slamdunk. When I heard it advertised as “Shaun the Sheep: The Movie,” my immediate thoughts were: What’s Shaun the Sheep? I have never seen the show, but I can tell you that the movie is short, sweet, and to the point.

It basically follows a herd of sheep on a seemingly normal day on the farm. Shaun and his pals are feeling a day off, so they pretty much put their master to sleep. Not with drugs or anything. You’d just have to see the movie I guess.

Their day off is fun… until their master is whisked away off to the city. So, the herd travels to the city. Trouble is, their master is now amnesic, and there is also an animal control lunatic out to get them.

Shaun the Sheep features some beautiful stop-motion animation, the best that Aardman studios can provide. It is really just a total blast. But the magical thing about Shaun the Sheep is its ability to not say a single word. Yes, you read that correctly. The characters do not speak. Rather, the sheep make noises, and so do the humans. But it never takes away from the interest of the film.

It is quite ambitious really. It is a film that shouldn’t work, but works all too well. Not to mention, Shaun the Sheep is actually quite funny, and I find it funny that a film with no dialogue is funnier than a lot of comedies out there these days.

Shaun the Sheep really isn’t much of a movie, but it’s a pure winner. If you missed your chance with it this summer, flock to it now.

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