Review: The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death


by Christian DiMartino

I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t this come out like a year ago? Or, What is that? if you are having both of these thoughts, it is perfectly understandable. I have seen  a lot of movies in 2015, but yet I missed a lot as well, so I will be reviewing 2015 releases that I missed up until the Oscars.

In the meantime, lets discuss the film at hand. I liked The Woman in Black, starring Daniel Radcliffe as a widowed father/lawyer (still trying to grasp that one). Now three years later we get The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death, a sequel that follows the tradition of something like The Last Exorcism Part II.

What do I mean? Well, I am saying that this film is really boring until about the last twenty minutes, and until you get there, it feels like a cheat. I probably won’t remember this movie 20 minutes after I finish writing this review, and I honestly had to get on IMDB in order to refresh my memory.

The film takes place in 1941, London during WWII. It is supposed to be 40 years after the previous film. We see a group of young children being evacuated out of the area, and they are sent to live at the Eel Marsh House. That was, in case you don’t remember, the house from the previous film.

Helen McCory and Jeremy Irvine play characters here, but yet they don’t really add all that much. All we know is, the house they’re at isn’t safe. And soon, the new residents begin getting tormented, because that is what happens when you’re in a scary movie sequel not starring any of the original cast members.

I, of course, didn’t go into this film with an open mind, even though I liked the original. It was a January release, and to be perfectly honest, those are not to be trusted. I was invited by a few people to see this back when it opened, but I wasn’t in the mood. That is strange for me, I know, I just knew. I knew it was trouble when I walked in, so shame on me.

This movie just sort of spins its wheels until the climax, and by the time it gets there, there is no real point in caring. We all know just where it is going, because we pretty much knew how it was going to get there. It also has that cliche “evil spectre arrives at the end because we want another sequel” ending that has been awfully popular this year.

This isn’t the worst I have seen this year, but yet I could have done without it. I do wish I would have brought a pillow though. It really is a snoozer.

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