Review: Secret in Their Eyes

By Christian DiMartino

I have never seen the Oscar winning The Secret in Their Eyes, but maybe if I had, I might’ve hated Billy Ray’s Secret in Their Eyes, like all of the other critics. But because I went into this new one blind, I liked it.

I’d really wanted to Ray is a good filmmaker. Breach and Shattered Glass are two very underrated films, and I don’t know if this is quite as good as those, but I thought it worked. It is a very entertaining and well acted thriller about mourning and loss.

The narrative that Ray uses is a bit distracting, and occasionally confusing. The film jumps around a lot, but it threw me off at times. Mostly because none of the characters really change their look.

Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is an investigator who, for 13 years, has been trying to track down the man who killed his investigator friend, Jess’ (Julia Roberts) daughter. Or, they were friends, and Ray was also friends with Claire (Nicole Kidman), another investigator he had the hots for.

But as the flashbacks show, their friendship was kind of shaken by the murder. So one half of the film shows the three trying to find the killer, and the other half does the same, actually. But both are telling mildly different stories about the same story.

Even if I would have seen the original, I probably still could’ve admired this film for its acting. Kidman doesn’t shine as much as the other two, but she is still strong. Ejiofor and Roberts knock it out of the park.

This is an intense thriller, the kind I respond to. I am all for revenge, so of course I was rooting for these characters the entire time. The twist caught me off guard. And then the twist upon the twist threw me off more. Both equally effective.

I found this film effective in general. Though I wasn’t exactly of the way that Ray told the story, at least the story he was telling was a good one. The original is probably better, but from what I gather, this one ain’t too shabby.

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