Review: Sisters


By Christian DiMartino

I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Whether they’re hosting the Golden Globes or what have you, the two obviously have great chemistry. So when I heard they were playing sisters in, well, Sisters, I just figured it was a done deal. But about an hour into it, I was pretty much done. Sadly,  is one of the biggest letdowns of the year.

Fey and Poehler play Kate and Maura Ellis. They’re sisters. Kate is the obnoxious one and a single mother, while Maura is the more innocent one, recently divorced. One day, their parents (Dianne Weist and James Brolin) announce that they’re selling their childhood home.

The two don’t take this news very well. But alas, there is nothing they can do. So, the two, legendary for their parties, decide to throw one last banger as a tribute. And… that’s about it.

Now who knows, you might very well like it. The people in the theatre laughed their asses off, and I desperately wanted to join them.

The first hour is mildly funny, but none of the laughs are as strong as they should be, considering the talent involved (it’s also nice to see SNL alums like Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, and Kate McKinnon). But even in that first hour that I kinda liked, I could sense that they were either trying too hard or not hard enough.

Fey and Poehler are of course wonderful, but yet their roles have been reversed. Fey is the obnoxious one this time around, and it just doesn’t work. I get that they were switching it up. But no. Don’t.

There’s also not enough plot to last two hours. Once the elements are laid out in front of us, it becomes very redundant. Constant dick/vagina jokes, constant shenanigans.

The second hour is exhausting, especially since not that much happens. It just seems to drag on… and repeat itself, as I just did.

The film also tries to act like it means something, by throwing in romance and a plotline involving Fey’s daughter. It just comes across as hokey. Oh yeah, and 15 endings doesn’t help either.

I realize that this sounds like I’m failing it. I’m honestly too blinded by my love for Fey and Poehler do give it such a rating. It’s not a film I enjoyed, and I’m hoping that in eight years or so, these two cook up something worth mentioning. Maybe they should write their own material.

I’m still disappointed, and afterwards, I went to McDonald’s and I stuffed myself. I ate my feelings.


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