Review: The Peanuts Movie

By Christian DiMartino

When I first saw the trailer for The Peanuts Movie, I wasn’t very interested, mostly because I just felt like the spirit of the Charles M. Schultz classics would get lost in translation. Much to my great relief though, “The Peanuts Movie” does work.

This time around, (in 3-D animation no less), we find Charlie Brown trying to catch the attention of a new red-head in town. Of course, it isn’t smooth sailing (bad, embarrassing things just keep happening). That is one half of the movie. The other half revolves around Snoopy and his pilot daydreams.

It’s of course great to see Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy and the gang back again, and luckily the voicework is very on point. They’re voiced by kids who have little to no acting experience, but yet hearing them is refreshing. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was 2015, you probably wouldn’t know the difference. 

The story is simple, but yet what is still alive is the spirit and the heart. There are some genuinely funny moments, such as the fact that Peppermint Patty thinks Leo Tolstoy is actually Leo Toystore. It is also consistently entertaining.  

I kinda wish that the animation was the same. Though what they do with it does kinda work, and it looks good. Also, I wasn’t a fan of some of the song choices. Of course the classic theme music is still there, but then they throw in these pop songs that I have never heard, and it just doesn’t really seem fitting. 

Considering the fact that I wasn’t expecting much, I am happy to recommend The Peanuts Movie. It isn’t much of a movie, but what it is is easy, breezy nostalgia. So, yeah, I’m glad that The Peanuts are back. Thank God they didn’t mess it up.

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