Review: Burnt

By Christian DiMartino

I, like most of you, skipped out on Burnt when it was released back in October. It had my interest, but yet once the negativity started pouring in, my interest left. But now, I have seen it. How is it? Meh.

Bradley Cooper plays a chef named Adam Jones, an angry Gordon Ramsey type. He used to do a lot of drugs, and he’s a bit of a diva. What a hero. Due to his flaws, he’s basically destroyed his career, and he now feels like it’s time for a comeback.

So he returns to London, in hopes of headlining a popular restaurant. The restaurant owner (Daniel Bruhl) puts up a fuss, but deep down knows that he needs him. So he takes Adam in, and Adam hopes that he can receive a three-star rating or something.

Burnt does bring out a good performance from Cooper, but yet about halfway through, you know where it’s going: nowhere, really. I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish here. It’s pretty thin soup. It is fairly amusing though.

We have a great supporting cast here that includes Bruhl, Emma Thompson as an adviser type, Sienna Miller as a chef that Jones takes in (and has a thing for), Alicia Vikander as an old flame, Uma Thurman as a lesbian food critic who slept with Adam, Matthew Rhys as a rival chef, and Omar Sy as an enemy/ally chef. But yet they don’t really amount to much. The only ones who get a chance to shine are Miller and Bruhl, and  even then, Bruhl’s character isn’t much of a character. He has a weird secret, but yet it doesn’t add to his personality. Thurman’s character admits that she’s a lesbian, just so then it seems that she has some sort of depth. She doesn’t.

Burnt seems to kind of ramble, probably because it doesn’t have many places to go. It’s amusing, but as a storyline, it just doesn’t have all that many ingredients. There also just isn’t all that much at stake. Everything is at stake, but yet nothing is really at stake. It almost seems like a film that they just made up as they went along.

It’s not a film I hated, but yet it’s not one that amounts to enough. Cooper’s and Miller’s performances work, but honestly, after seeing it, I think I’d rather watch an episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

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