Review: DeadPool


By Christian DiMartino

I’ve always liked Ryan Reynolds. Sure, his career has had some rough patches (Remember The Amityville Horror? Of course you don’t), but he always tends to bring charisma to the occasion, which is something not everyone can conjure. I always root for him to succeed, even though I fear he won’t.

But now he’s finally given the role he was born to play in DeadPool, and he knocks it out of the park. Reynolds has taken a stab at the superhero genre before (and even this character, in a weird, butchered appearance in one of my guiltiest pleasures, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and it just hasn’t worked out. Now, he’s given the chance to play a role that seems to easy, but yet that’s kind of the beauty of it.

The film jumps around a lot, and gives us maybe a little too much origin story. No matter, it’s fun nonetheless. Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, a hardass/ wiseass who claims to be anything but “the hero,” which stands as kind of the basis for the film. It wants you to know that it isn’t your average comic book movie, but it also kisses the asses of those who have seen them. It’s a lovely balance.

Wade’s life seems to be going right, especially after he hooks up with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), a hot hooker who is his equal: she’s also got a knack for sarcasm. Their scenes work, because even though it feels like a comic book romance, the two of them pull it off nicely. But then, he finds out that he has cancer.

He soon meets a guy, who tells him that there’s an opportunity to make him stronger. Yada yada yada. I won’t go into it. What I will say though is that Wilson leaves the procedure disfigured, and he sets out to find the guy who did it to him.

The villain in DeadPool isn’t anything special, though I like seeing the boss ass bitch Gina Carano in action again (if you saw the movie Haywire, which few of you did, you would know why). Also some of the jokes don’t quite stick the landing, but yet I always just thought of the character himself. His jokes don’t have to stick the landing. It’s his material, and he doesn’t care if it works.

Luckily though, a lot of it DOES work. There are funny moments aplenty in DeadPool, mostly because Reynolds, Baccarin, and TJ Miller handle this material with ease. There are times when I thought to myself, “Did they really just say that?” Yes, they did. It’s also fun to see them poke fun at the genre, and themselves.

Which leads to my favorite thing about DeadPool: Its big balls. Marvel has been known to play it safe, but here and there they take risks on things that probably shouldn’t work. I liked this film for the same reason I liked Ant-Man last year. It takes something that really shouldn’t work and just sells the hell out of it. It exposes its concept for its ridiculousness, and it plays it for laughs. The R-rating is there, which is new for them, and its put to bloody great use.

The action sequences are a knockout, the soundtrack is great. What can I say? I ate this movie up, more than I wanted to. Reynolds has finally found a role he can sink his teeth into. My rooting has finally come to good use.

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