Zoolander 2: Yeah, I changed my mind

By Christian DiMartino

So, I’ve had a little less than a week to think about Zoolander 2. I feel like, with some movies, you can’t just see it once and rest judgement. Truth be told, I didn’t think Zoolander 2 would be one of those.

But yet I’ve been fighting with myself about it for a few days now. When people ask me about it, I really wanna say it was meh, but yet, how can I call something 2.5 star worthy meh? Is that considered meh? I typically don’t call it such. 

That being said, the fact that I could never really give an enthusiastic answer about it probably shows that I didn’t really dig it; I was just trying to put on an act, mostly because I love the original.

I will say that Zoolander 2 has its moments. But now that I think about it, more jokes end with a thud than a bang. I was always entertained by it, and seeing Derek and Hansel back in action does bring a few smiles. But it doesn’t really work. It tries too hard to match the stupidity of the predecessor. But the thing about the original was that it was just the right amount of stupid. Zoolander 2 is stupid, but it’s too stupid for its own good.

I still wouldn’t compare it to Batman & Robin or nothing. I guess the real reason why I’ve decided to write this is because I might’ve misled you. If you saw this film based off of my mild recommendation, hopefully you didn’t regret it. I still kinda like it… But it’s not very good. Does that make sense? Eh, probably not. Oh well.

NEW RATING: 2 stars

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