Review: Everybody Wants Some!!


By Christian DiMartino

Over twenty years ago, five time Oscar nominee Richard Linlater broke out with the instant classic, Dazed and Confused. That film, while not about much, worked on its charm, laughs, and pretty much just the feeling of the 1970s. Now, Linklater takes us back in time once again with his latest film, Everybody Wants Some!!, and you know what? The man has still got it.

Everybody Wants Some!! is a loving, groovy 80s time capsule. The film really feels like Linklater has traveled back in time, because he seems to get everything right. From the clothes, to the hair, to the talk, to the tunes. Granted, I, unfortunately, wasn’t around for the 80s. But yet he makes it look like the place to be.

Like with Dazed and Confused, there’s not really a whole lot in the way of story. The film basically revolves around a group of college baseball players over the course of three days. They’re played by relatively unknowns (though I did recognize Glen Powell, aka Chad Radwell from Scream Queens). We watch them as they try to shack up with chicks, party, etc. before they begin their semester.

Everybody Wants Some!! had me in its grip within 10 minutes. The film itself is great fun for the most part. Mostly because of its soundtrack. That, and Linklater has such a great, keen ear for dialogue. Everything that these characters say just feels so natural. It hardly even feels like acting.

The film is occasionally hilarious, and the actors handle this material to spot-on perfection. Even though they are basically unknown, the cast handles this rich material like pros. They all hit home runs, so to speak.

The lack of story didn’t really bother me, because not only did I see it coming, but also because it gives the film a certain confidence. It feels relaxed and calm, and to say the least, cool. Sure, certain moments kind of drag. But aside from that, Everybody Wants Some!! is something of a blast.

One response to “Review: Everybody Wants Some!!”

  1. Nice review. We weren’t fans of the movie but I enjoyed reading your thoughts!


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