Review: Ride Along 2 (DVD)

By Christian DiMartino

Ride Along 2 is a strange brew: it begins unfunny, but not unpleasantly unfunny, and then drags so much that I began eating my own words.

After Ride Along came and laid an egg, I admit that I had nothing but low expectations for round 2. Ice Cube can be funny in the right role. Sure he usually just grumbles. But yet it usually works for me. As for Hart, he’s someone who’s films have never completely sold me. I can sense that he has talent, but yet he still chooses projects like Ride Along. That film, regardless of how bad it was, made millions. So of course a sequel was lined up. Thanks America.

The plot this time? I honestly have no clue. The storyline is so jumbled and uninvolving. Benjamin Bratt, probably still trying to recover from Catwoman, plays a… Arms dealer? Or is it drugs? Beats me. Anyways, Cube and Hart, both brothers in law (“The brothers in law are in town,” Hart says repeatedly) head to Miami to take him down. Also Hart is due to be married in a few days. The sexy Olivia Munn is also wasted (as she was in yesterday’s X-Men: Apocalypse) as a hardass detective.

I don’t know if I laughed in Ride Along 2, but here’s the thing: even though I didn’t laugh, I still found it to be somewhat of a relief, especially because I had just seen the painfully embarrassing Fifty Shades of Black. Even though the first half of Ride Along 2 sure wasn’t good, it was at least amusing. Plus Hart and Cube have chemistry.

But then, when the second half arrived, it was as if I made a recovery from Fifty Shades of Black, and was now in the zone. I don’t know what it was, but I began realizing how bad Ride Along 2 was. Still no Fifty Shades of Black, but not too far ahead.

Aside from the fact that the damn thing isn’t funny and it basically recycles what worked about the first film (which wasn’t much), what simply doesn’t work about Ride Along 2, aside from the fact that the good natured Hart is overdoing it, is, as I mentioned before, that the story is uninvolving.

I don’t know what the hell it is actually about, hence why in that last half, when they actually try pretending like we give a crap, all interest was lost. I think it all really goes downhill whenever they arrive at a party, in which Hart is disguised as an African prince and gets chased by an alligator.

Eyes will roll.

I’m not sure how much money Ride Along 2 made, but hopefully we won’t make that mistake again.

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