On DVD This Week: Apocalypse Election Man

By Christian DiMartino

Note: The following is not about Donald Trump.

Here are some of the movies coming out on DVD this week:

  • The Purge: Election  Year: Alright, I’m guilty of a lot of things. I once gave my sister a black eye with my giant head. I used to play with garbage. Hey speaking of which, I actually liked The Purge: Election Year. Actually, I like all of these movies, and you can only imagine just how stupid I feel. But what can I say? Like its predecessors, The Purge: Election Year has such manic, stupid energy. “These weapons have been cleansed with Holy water!” You just don’t find stuff like that. I left the theatre shaking my head… because sometimes, garbage can just be too much fun. (3 stars)
  • Swiss Army Man: I actually just saw Swiss Army Man last week and I’ll say: What do you say about this movie? It’s weird, it’s stupid, it’s… it’s… it’s… unlike anything you’ll ever see. The first twenty minutes will have you questioning just what it is you’re doing with your life, but eventually it’s a film that grows on you, thanks in part to the fact that it’s not all what it seems. That, and the totally game performances by Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano. (3 stars)
  • X-Men: Apocalypse: Critics tore X-Men: Apocalypse a new one when it came out back in May, and truth be told, I don’t really know why. Yeah, it’s not as good as some of its predecessors, and it has a cool villain (Oscar Issac) that just feels like a bit of a waste. But this is just as enjoyable as some of the other films. It has some marvelous action sequences, solid work from Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy (Jennifer Lawrence ain’t bad, but she’s capable of better). And who can deny the awesomeness of Evan Peters’ Quicksilver? I had fun what can I say. (3 stars)

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