On DVD This Week: Three Visual Stunners, Two Ain’t Worth it

By Christian DiMartino

Here are the following movies on DVD today:

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass: The sequel to the visually stunning but deeply mediocre Alice in WonderlandAlice Through the Looking Glass proved to be yet another flop for Johnny Depp. Truth of the matter is, for whatever reason, I didn’t completely hate it. I remember having high hopes for the first one, and leaving letdown. This time, I had low hopes, and liked it about the same. It’s certainly not a good film, with a ridiculous plot and less-than-spectacular performances from actors who are obviously capable of more (except Sacha Baron Cohen). But yet it’s still beautiful to look at, and even though it’s got a lot of stupid stuff, it has a few good ideas in there. Still though, it’s not worth the time as a whole. (2 stars)
  • Cafe Society: Woody Allen’s latest, Cafe Society, is a funny, charming, and richly entertaining movie anchored by solid performances from Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell, and the rest of the cast. Basically, if you like anything that Allen has made in the last ten years, it’s a film that will appeal. It’s funny, but yet at its core, there’s an underlying sadness that’s unshakable. With all of that, it’s at least worth seeing for Three time Oscar-winner Vittorio Storaro’s beautiful cinematography. Far as I’m concerned, they should just give him the Oscar already. (3.5 stars)
  • Independence Day: Resurgence: And alas, the year of the “long delayed sequels that nobody wanted” continues with Independence Day: Resurgence, a visually stunning but unbelievably stupid sequel to the 1996 smash, Independence Day. I have a weakness for watch crap get blown up, and Roland Emmerich (who I’ve often considered a terrorist in training) knows just how to do it. I actually had fun here, but that’s just because it’s so dumb. It’s crazy to think that this is just what 20 years, millions of dollars, and six screenwriters can cook up. (1.5 stars)

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