Review: I’ll See You in My Dreams

By Christian DiMartino

We don’t really see Blythe Danner in movies anymore, but when we do, she is always a welcome presence. But yet when she does do a movie, she is usually a side character. I cannot for the life of me picture her in a leading role. So when I heard about I’ll See You in My Dreams, a film in which she’s front and center, I had to see what was up.

Truth is, Danner brings this film to life. She’s the main reason to see it, though the presence of Rhea Perlman, Sam Elliot, and June Squibb, to name a few, doesn’t hurt either. This is the kind of movie that Nancy Meyers would do a cartwheel over.

Danner plays Carol, an older woman who lives on her own. When her beloved dog dies, she pretty much has nobody. Until a nice pool guy (Martin Starr) and an older gentlemen (Elliot) walk into her life. These men effect her in two different ways: one as a form of friendship, the other as sort of a romantic interest.

This isn’t much of a movie, but it does feature some genuine laughs, particularly the scenes with Danner, Squibb, Perlman, and Mary Kay Place get together. I also kind of admire the film’s late minute twist. Does it qualify as a twist? Eh, maybe not. But I admit that I didn’t see it coming, when I probably should’ve.

I’ll See You in My Dreams is nevertheless a decent star vehicle for a veteran actress who never really got her day. Well, she probably did, but I wasn’t there for it. Either way, Danner delivers.

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